jueves, 27 de febrero de 2014

MY PROJECT - Drawings of my ideas

M Y  P R O J E C T

          D r a w i n g s
           of my ideas


My new research and references.

From the outside we will have full reflection on at least one side. 
This space from some angles will go unperceived.
In other parts we will find elevation.
Windows will form another part of the space.

On the inside we will have partial reflection mixed with window space.

Confusion of space and limits.

Reflection causes an illusion of open space, while also providing an aesthetic factor to the work. From the outside it causes a continuing in the surrounding terrain and an illusion of invisibility, so it takes away the characteristic that would make any building visually obstructive. The sensations it can cause are tranquillity and  freedom. From the inside it causes a confusion of limit, and a sensation of openness, while also maintaining the intimacy from the outside world.


Vegetation room Inhotim | Cristina Iglesias
She provides a complete dissimulation of the space she creates by making the outside surfaces completely reflective. Hiding the very existence of her inside sculpture work. 


Acropolis museum | Bernard Tschumi
As well as on the outside façade, he has moved the reflection to the inside of his space, this creates a sensation of openness and expansion. Mixed with the colour white he creates a feeling of freshness and security.

BLUE residential tower | Bernard Tschumi
This building finds it's characteristic of fusion and dissimulation in the use of the colour blue and the reflective materials. This fuses the space with the blue sky. This causes a big obstructive building to be observed as something non obstructive 

Lacaton y Vassal create a sensation of fusion with the surroundings

Here Lacaton y Vassal also create a fusion and a sensation of dissimulation using elevation mixed with transparency and light colours

FRACTAL structures in nature

My project

María's week

This week I asked for my classmates to make three differents models and one diagram about my project. The main characteristics of it are the flexibility, the colours and the materials and textures.

 The first model that Ana and Cova had done is it which is a flexible structure that breaks with the gemetry and introduces the movement. The materials are also relevant because they have to addapt to different shapes.

The second model that they had done it is focus on the colors and the materials. They had mixed different flexible materias and colors in a differents combinations.

 The, the third model that Megan had done it is about the materialsand textures. She had played with different shapes and forms playing with the feelings thanks to the use of the wire.

Finally, Lola had done this this diagram in which she had related all the main aspects of my project between them and then, she had made a collage with all this information where we can see the results.

jueves, 20 de febrero de 2014

T E C H N I C A L 

      D R A W I N G S. 4th week

space + site + scale

Q U I C K L Y  M O D E L S





Week 4. Drawing space + materials.


Lola's week

Quick Models


STRUCTURE                       MATERIALS                                       SPACE