viernes, 29 de noviembre de 2013




                                                         ... FINALLY I ADD COLOUR

                           BUT NOW THESE FOOTPRINT AREN'T MINE

                                          IN MY PROGRAMME THOSE 
                                      FOOTPRINT WILL BE OF THEM

At first, I wanted that my architecture left a footprint, no in a city, my intention is to leave a footprint in the mind of people, in their hearts.
But as in my presentation's class, I don't want do it alone: in other part, one of my objectives is to look for someone like me, with the same ideas.
Architecture isn't only space. Architecture is the material things that space contains, the thing that decorate that space. But architecture is something more. The space and these material things provocate feelings, sensations and emotions at people. For me that is the objective of the architecture. So that objective will be the objective of my architecture.
I will create the space but its content too.

Althogh there is a change. My architecture will leave footprint in the persons generating memories. And their memories will be generated in a space which each other can leave their own footprints.




jueves, 21 de noviembre de 2013

My technical drawing

My technical drawing

My drawing

In this building we can see the idea of ​​an open space. A flexible space that grows with function. If you need space you climb stairs and expanding.
Moreover we can see also an interior space as intimate. Apart from the rest. Lighting is important in this building.
Also see how to climb up the interior space merges with the two plants outside without walls enclosing the space.

Technical Drawing

This week my project is a flexible space that depending on the color it adopts, the space changes and with it the emotions of the people who inhabit it.

So when it is blue, it transmits tranquility and serenity and it becomes a space dedicated to relaxation.  

However, when it is green, it represents nature, and people enjoy it and children play there.


Study of Light

Study of the shadows

Study of the form

Modules for the model

Creation process

domingo, 17 de noviembre de 2013

My Model

 This week, my idea for the model changed a few times. I started with the idea of a family space, a multi-use family space. Of course this consisted in discovering a way to condense a minimum of two types of space into one.  A calm, intimate space for any adults, and a fun, enjoyable space for children. But as I made this space, i felt something was missing. The space was very enclosed, very limited. So I thought, why do I need to create these claustrophobic enclosures? All I need is something to support my space, but it doesn't need the walls. So I eliminated the walls, and added only a roof, something to hold the idea of 'space'. But then I discovered that it was too open, too public. So my challenge was to find a mixture, a way to enclose an open space. I added a material wall, one that lifts up and down. I hung a window from the roof, this gives an illusion of a wall. And I hung a door as well, this adds the concept of an entrance into the space.
Now I had my open, but limited, space. I made a rug that could be turned one way (black) for a calm space, or the other way (colourful) for a fun space. Also I made a sofa, which turned the other way made a play table for children.

My A1 presentation

This is my presentation. In general, my objective was to show how all space can be interpreted in many ways. "Space is ours to do with what we will". What I mean with this is that, without our input, without our influence, space doesn't have a meaning. Each space has it's own meaning, like a supermarket is to buy food, a park is for kids to play in, these are the most useful purposes these spaces have. But what if someone sees it a different way? Who says we have to see things a certain way? Here I point out the photos of my bedroom, what I did with it is to see what it would be like without my input. My room looks like this because I gave it this purpose for work and studying. But that is from my point of view, if someone else goes there maybe they would see it a different way, when my sister visits me she sees it as a relaxing, fun space. 
When I worked with my group, we also used this concept, we created a space, but our space was lacking purpose, this purpose was given to the space by some children that wanted to play. And all of a sudden, our space was more fun for them than the play-park was. We didn't tell them to see it that way, they made it their own space.
I made some models to create various different spaces, spaces that could be seen in different ways. The first model I made would be a good space for children, thanks to the colours and the shapes, or maybe not? Maybe it could be seen a different way, like a space for a party or a festival. 
I then created a different space, changing the shell, maybe someone would like the second model for a calm, quiet space, or maybe its a place to send your kids when they are naughty. 
The next space could maybe be used for relaxing and chilling, or maybe it's a place for small kids to play or a place to sleep.
The last space could be seen as romantic and peaceful, but maybe someone might think its sinister or eery. 
What I am saying with all this is that without us, these spaces don't have a purpose or a meaning, we turn it into something that is convenient to us at the time.


domingo, 10 de noviembre de 2013


I worked on my first jobs. I have taken some of the main features.
In my first work, the project with my body, I tried to express some ideas about proportion, movement and colour.
In the interior change I tried to order my room in a different way to create a comfortable and relaxed feeling. Changing light, and introducing natural objects.
In the exterior project I wanted to order space and I interested in the light, shadows, textures…
In the group work with an exterior space, we worked with children in a park. We wanted to create a flexible space but it is a neutral space so people (children) can do that they want inside this space. We discovered that work with children is different than work with old people because children make the work more difficult because you have to improve, take care with them and the most important is have a good time with them.
At work this week I worked with a model. First of all, I worked with geometry, proportion, technical drawing, shapes… I did some drawings and after I built a model from the drawings. After that I create a model of origami paper with circles, in which notches cut out and form a three-dimensional figure. I introduced the model in a private space, which can be public or private, exterior or interior. Where there is apparently nothing, “it is an empty space”. But nevertheless, there are colours, lights, shadows ... that create temporary and changing different elements.
I have been working with the light changes and the positions and shapes that generate these changes.


I want to become an architect who thinks in architecture like an art, because for me it’s the art of space. The best way to explain this is with my body because I believe that dance is the architecture of the body.
I would like to become an architect who will able to see beyond the building or dancer, that can see the space that they generate.
I want design wonderful buildings.

I pretend that my architecture speaks about the movement, concentrate on the design, aesthetic, and proportion and try to find perfection. Give much important to details and things than cannot be seen but can be felt. Create elements that inspire a body to move or stay upright. This is the amazing of architecture.

jueves, 7 de noviembre de 2013



First, we see that at first I analyzed my house plant. Making a scheme classify applications where each room. Then I made a chart where I see which are the most frequented rooms. Those were the ones that got in my loft.
On the other hand we see the ground of the park I went with my friends. We analyze the field and choose a zone. We see that we become the pillars of our structure, creating different spaces. The walls were paper, but could be of thread.
Finally we see the path of Alcoy to the village where my room Mt. I chose a street and got there my room where you can enjoy the city and the people. We see a series of drawings and photos.

A1 Project

This drawing represents all the project ideas since the first day. The main idea is that we all take part of the things that involve us, so taking it as the base I have worked with different scales and with different techniques. In other way, we all start our projects by cero and then we add things, that's why in the pictures appears each time a new element.


If i had to answer this question, it would be somewhat complicated, because i dont know yet what kind of architect do i want to become. But to can know what I wish were the end result of my work, I have taken 7, 7 that I consider most importants, and I'm going to highlight what for me would be an essential feature to know what kind of architect do I want to become.

Torre effiel, París – the originality
Torre pisa, Roma – change a mistake by a great solution
Sagrada familia, Barcelona (Gaudí) – the level of detail that is built
Casa de Marc Vargas, Tossa de Mar, Girona – the environment and the nature
Mediatheque Building, Sendai, Japan (Toyo Ito) – the fluidity and transparency
Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain (Frank Gehry) – the design
CCTV Building, Beijing (Rem Koolhaas/O.M.A.) – symmetry and light

I would like that my work as an architect, was a set of everything I've been highlighting for each buildings. For that, the relation that i wanted to give putting this as a skeleton, is that each of these works and many others will be bringing me something to my mind and my body, that finally, is what will make me to become to the architect that I really like.

Changing the interior space. WEEK 2