viernes, 28 de marzo de 2014

Estudio de la calle

Design is a way of connecting the various houses of the street. So a space relationship between neighbors where you can spend the time believed. In addition. Look at each of the families to adapt the structure to its condition.

A structure to connect all homes up to the public square. Where an area capable of meeting the needs of people is created.


In this drawing we see an example of the structure placed in the city. This would make the entire function different. What was the maze-like walls to the structure is now the connection formed between each module and a way to get from one to the other.  

In this example we see the structure situated on the beach. In this location the functions would again change completely. There could be a variety of activities taking place in each space both interior and exterior. It could be a place of rest and protection from the midday sun and heat. There would be a place to shower. There could be another module for food like a chiringuito, and an area for picnic with the family, amongst other things.

 In this map-diagram we see a possible location for this structure. We have gone to the south east coast of the Spanish peninsula. This is a very touristic zone of Spain and the beaches are great and highly busy in the summertime.
If we go deeper, we see that mojacar is a possible selection for location, this is a very busy zone for both national and internatiol tourism. The beaches here are great and there are clubs and party zones right on the beach. This could be a great new addition to the Almeria coastline.

Taking into account the amount of tourism in this zone and the distance to the Almeria airport, we could imagine a place of accommodation and luxury holiday zone. 

This is an example of what the night life could be like. 

jueves, 27 de marzo de 2014


These streets are near my house, which are apart from the activity of the city.
There aren't shops, only flats.
The nearest park is 20 minutes of them, so many parents can't often take their sons and daughters because they work or haven't got any time.
The enjoyment for those children are fair and neither aren't bakeries,candy stores,milk bars..., places that they like visit.

So they need these things near of their houses, in order that their parents have time before school or then.

Last term I worked with transparent, conective and complex structures, and in that project I developed them so that they suit at necessity of people I'm working basing a programme with them and suit to the site too:in their streets, next to their flats. 


A1 3.0

jueves, 6 de marzo de 2014





Developing the project

I didn't know how to continue with my project so I decided to start revising it since the begining.

First of all, I have done a brainstorming with all the ideas that I can't miss and which are very important in my project. 

Then, revising all my posts and videos I realized that the most important thing on my project is people. Moreover,in one of my videos one person said: "A mi me parecería súper chulo que..." and it made me think and I decided to ask more people to complete this sentence with their personal needs. I have asked it to different people who didn't know nothing about my project. I have obtained different opinions, some of them are worried about the city, others about specific areas as the university or the parcs, and finally, others are worried about their home.

This last, surprisingly answered me that they wanted spaces that could change colour, shape,... To sum up, they asked me for flexible spaces and I have tried to solve their needs with this drawings.

In the right one, a friend asked me for a room in where you could stay and while you are laying in your bed you could see the sea in the ceiling. In the middle one, my aunt asked me for a room that could detect your mood and change it making music. And in the left one, a friend asked me for a room that could change its colour by pressing a button.