jueves, 31 de octubre de 2013

Changing the interior space. WEEK 2

In this project I try to order mu room in a different way to create a space more comfortable.
I currently use my room to study and work, so it is a place full of things. The colours are bright and saturated and the distribution of the room is devoted to the study.
I replaced the other study furniture for relaxation. I removed a lot of things to create a diaphanous space and quiet. I changed the tone of the room, they are now more clear and rested. I played with the light, introducing point lights in places designed.

With these changes I changed the program room to be a program of study at one of leisure.

jueves, 10 de octubre de 2013



In outside space project I worked with the garden of my home, a place which is currently used as a place of passage, not to enjoy or spend some time on it.
I have ordered this space and introduced furniture and other objects to make a place more comfortable. I have created a space to study, eat, rest, play…

I worked with the colours, light, textures and discovered the shadows. An important element in any space.

Exterior Project


Exterior Project




Megan's Bedroom Transformation

My idea for the room transformation was to strip away the life, colour and all design out of the room, thus discovering that without these things, without us and without our ideas, all spaces are lifeless and empty. It is like a blank canvas waiting for us to inject it with life. We personalise our spaces to our likes and needs, or those of others. In this case, I add what I need to my room to help me in my studying years, and of course, for sleeping. But also, I give it colour and design so that when I am in my room I feel comfortable, it is a place I like to be, despite the fact that if I am in there but not sleeping, it means I will be working. My personalization of the space is what makes it a comfortable place to be.




For me architecture is related to the design. It is a way to share your tastes and styles. To do what you like. I will be an architect to design buildings, museums, monuments, interiors ... To take something existing and to apply my style to him.
A plot or an old building is like a shirt. Something that exists and is functional. I'll take these buildings and I’ll redesign. But I will retain their functional part by applying my tastes. I'll design both inside and out. I will cut off the excess, paint it and add my ornaments. I know that I will have to think about people who use my shirts, because they would have to like.
Also, as a good architect, I will enjoy my work and effort by creating my own home. My own space. I want to compare my architecture with shirt so, as I want to center my career on design , and I will create my shirt like in the future, I will design building with my style.


I think that arquitecture could be compare with a painting, in both cases we create things by starting of 0 in a white piece of paper, like this white t-shirt.

Then we can make a stain which has a particular colour and shape and it is in an specific place. There is nothing casual and spontaneous, it is all well thought and planned.

From this stain, we can add more stains, each different from the other, because arquitecture is over all a host of different things.

Finally, if we put all together it will have sense.


As I said at the beginning arquitecture is art and it includes emotions and personal feelings so I have chosen this character because it represents where I am from.